Litigation Support & Asset Tracing

Litigation Support

Global Forensix identifies solutions to support litigation proceedings. We focus primarily on:

  • Creating evidence for court proceedings;
  • Supporting the litigation process;
  • Expert witness and expert opinion reporting;
  • Forensic Accounting: Review of the investigative claim(s), developing facts through research, investigation and interviews, reviewing financial records and preparing legal documents.

Recent Projects include:

  • Acting as an expert witness for a High Wealth Individual against a leading Austrian Bank

Asset Tracing

Global Forensix has provided support for a number of asset tracing and recovery projects. We assist in locating assets to support litigation proceedings. Primarily, we focus to identifying assets that are hidden for various purposes such as divorce, tax minimisation or fraudulent and corrupt activities. We have provided support to trace the global assets of:

  • Political leaders in Africa
  • An Israeli diamond magnate
  • A high-profile Russian divorce case
  • Government Assets in Venezuela

We cover almost all countries in the world through our network of professionals and their respective networks. Upon further enquiry we can locate specific details of what assets are traceable at a country level.